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Information When and Where You Need It

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  • Quick access to information
    Whith properly designed user interfaces, users can quickly "drill down" to specific information. Documents and data can all be hyperlinked together to enable quick non-linear access to information.

  • Access information in multiple formats
    Users can access information by using combinations of text, still images, digital video, and sound.

  • Read information using multiple devices
    With information presented in an electronic format, it's instantly available using your intranet, the Web, kiosks, portable computers, shop floor computers, Internet appliances, CD-ROM, DVD, and more.

  • Link to vendor and other outside resources
    Easily obtain information about vendor specifications, order parts, and link to virtually any information.

  • Revision control
    Users normally cannot modify content.

  • Document management and control
    Information can be maintained from a central source, or optionally, from many places.

  • Ease of distribution
    Use floppy disks, CD-ROMs, e-mail, local networks Websites, or any combination of these.

  • Optional hardcopy
    Printing documents from the digital content is available if required.

A CD-ROM with some interactive examples is available.
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