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Knowledge Anywhere Anytime

The nature of computer-based learning—its availability at any time and any place —makes it an ideal resource for on-the-job training. The delivery of training to remote locations, large groups of people, multiple locations, and to a variety of training levels are all needs that e-Learning can satisfy on both performance and budgetary levels, and save you money in reduced travel costs.

e-Learning can be scheduled to fit employee or production schedules, eliminating production downtime. Flexible training delivery allows new personnel can start training immediately, and existing personnel can refresh their skills at any time. Personnel can take training courses before or after their normal shifts and management can make good use of unexpected quiet periods. Hundreds of thousands of training dollars are saved by organizations that invest in the development of self-paced, 'learn-by-yourself' multimedia courseware.

We build training programs that incorporate pre- and post-testing as well as mastery and graded quizzes to demonstrate to the learner their level of proficiently in the training content.

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Quizzes and reviews help learners to know which areas they need to review, and results can be instantly displayed to the learner. Report and scoring functions allow learner data to be saved to a database and analyzed as needed.

Programs we create can include the ability to test and automatically track the progress of each participant, creating a "paper trail", that makes it easy to track who has completed required training, and when further training is required to satisfy organizational or regulatory requirements. Data such as a participant's progress, time spent in the courseware, and test results can be tracked and monitored. Training records can be used to support ISO, QS, and other documentation requirements.

A CD-ROM with some interactive examples is available.
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