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We're here to lend a hand

One of the challenges many companies face is distributing information about products and services. Another challenge is keeping people informed–whether they are employees or customers.

Since meaningful information is the key to progress, an organization’s success depends on its ability to communicate, educate, and inform people.

Averra Media Corporation was formed in 1998 to provide solutions to these challenges. Our core business is incorporating businesses’ subject matter into Website, interactive content, and computer programs designed to help people communicate ideas, strengthen business, build rewarding relationships, and prosper.

We create the underlying imagery and computer code that breathes life into your subject matter using a wide range of technologies that bring together sound, text, images, and video in ways that form rich interactive experiences and enhance the way people access information.

Averra can lend a hand to help get your products or services noticed while enlightening people in unique, innovative ways.

We’ll work with you to develop a scalable plan that examines your present and future needs, then provide you with a menu of options that will help you decide and plan an approach that will work best for your organization.

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Compeling 3D and Animation

Three-dimensional (3D) imagery and animations are compelling and engage people's imagination, allowing visualization of events and objects that otherwise may not be seen or understood.

Averra Media was founded by people who have substantial expertise in conveying complex concepts, functions, and procedures across a wide variety of business and technical fields.

We use a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to create realistic, dynamic 3D graphics and animation. The 3D content can be created from scratch or we can integrate your existing two-and-three-dimensional CAD models, raw data, photos, and other material to create visualizations that effectively convey your message.

Because digital 3D imagery is easily re-purposed, the same content can be used in different mediums, such as CD-ROM, DVD, film, print, television broadcast, videotape, or the World Wide Web.

Applications include advertising, kiosks, sales presentations, training and e-learning, public relations, corporate communications, and courtroom visualization.



Website Design and Programming

Averra's website design and development conform to accessibility set forth in U.S. section 508 guidelines. An additional benefit to following these guidelines results in Web content more available to all users, whatever user agent they are using (e.g., desktop browser, voice browser, mobile phone, automobile-based personal computer, etc.).

By implementing Cascading Stylesheets (CSS), we separate content from presentation. This provides great flexibility in updating and modifying the look and feel of the website while ensuring it is forward compatible. Web pages load faster and users with special needs can apply their own style sheets. In addition, because the content of pages is mostly text, it is easier for search engines to index them and search engine returns are easier for users to understand.

While our primary target is modern browsers with good support of CSS, we ensure backwards compatibility with older browsers (Netscape and Internet Explorer v4) to allow viewing of content (although it may not have the same styling as with a modern browser).

Along with design, programming and website hosting, we also offer professional software and Website compatibility testing services. Our comprehensive testing capabilities include:

  • Apple Macintosh computers and iOS mobile devices

  • Microsoft Windows

  • All popular Web browsers such as America Online ,Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Opera

  • Website functionality testing and monitoring for valid links, image optimization, and Search engine optimization



Websites Made Easy

If you've ever tried creating a Website, you know what a challenge it can be. Browser inconsistencies, cross-platform issues, text formatting problems, and server interface technical issues can be overwhelming.

That's why Averra Media has developed a Web Content Management System to help streamline the process, allowing you to create and maintain Websites without having to learn HTML, Javascript, or other programming languages and Web programming techniques. This takes the pain out of maintaining Websites and frees up valuable time.

This database-driven tool is especially useful for people who must frequently update Website content, publish newsletters, and/or manage multiple Websites quickly and efficiently.

Averra's Web Content Management Tool is designed to enhance the productivity of people creating Web content by providing an easy-to-use system that automates updating and maintaining your Website content. Select from a variety of attractive, pre-designed layout schemes orlet us create a layout customized to your needs.

  • Website content is easily and quickly updated

  • multiple users can maintain a site simultaneously

  • users don't need to know web programming procedures

  • administrators can choose what content goes live

  • administrators can track logins and changes

  • establishes a common process for revising information with multiple, simultaneous contributors

  • standardizes how information is formatted and presented

  • content can be edited and updated from within most Web browsers

  • anyone administrators designate can add and update content from within their Web browser

  • Add-ons include customized online e-commerce and inventory management, online auctions, blogs, and magazines. Averra can also custom program most anything you need

Averra can provide you with everything from custom design that focuses on one aspect of your Website to a complete hosted package. Because we also provide website hosting services, we can provide you with complete, turnkey solutions.

— Click here to see how the Content Management Tool works


Information When and Where You Need It

Averra will help you get plugged into the information age.
We create integrated applications that can be used as combination training and reference programs, maintenance manuals, and "on-line help".

This kind of tool provides knowledge as people need it—anywhere, any time.

The benefits are numerous and include:

  • Quick access to information

  • Access information in multiple formats

  • Read information using multiple devices

  • Link to vendor and other outside resources

  • Revision control

  • Document management and control

  • Ease of distribution

  • Optional hardcopy or "Print On Demand"

Applications we develop have the capability to launch other applications or documents, so you can access other information or databases that may already exist in a wide variety of digital formats.

You can also mix document formats such as Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, online Web pages, databases, digital video, and more.

Averra can work with your subject matter experts, or put you in touch with qualified subject matter experts.



Knowledge Anywhere Anytime

Averra creates software programs that let people learn at their own pace—to receive information as it is needed. We can integrate your content by providing the underlying programming, graphics, and multimedia content, and work with you to develop the core content as well.

For example, people can type in a question, then be guided through a series of procedures such as those used for troubleshooting, maintenance, or safety—even contact other personnel or vendors automatically when needed.

This kind of 'Just-in-time' learning allows people to be actively involved in the learning process. Interactivity reinforces the learning content and helps people to retain knowledge.

These applications may also be configured for use as reference tools. In this way, people aren't forced to go through a structured course to find a quick answer to a specific question or to troubleshoot a problem.

The benefits are numerous.

Familiarize new employees with new or standard procedures or unfamiliar processes.

Enable people to study potentially dangerous topics without risk as they can see the results of their actions and become skilled at proper 'best practice' workplace methods and procedures while learning how to work safely at their job. This approach reduces downtime, increases productivity, prevents worker injury, and saves you money.

Testing and documenting training for large numbers of people can be accomplished efficiently and cost-effectively. Applications we build can have the ability to automatically track the progress of individuals or groups and automatically provide documentation to satisfy industry and/or regulatory requirements such as ISO 9001:2000, OSHA, JCAHO, HIPPA, HAZCOM, RCRA, and others.

These applications can also have the capability to launch other computer programs or computer-based documents, so people can access information in a wide variety of formats from a central source.

Distribution options are numerous and include Macintosh and Windows computers, handheld computers, the Internet, local and wide-area networks, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, floppy disk, or any combination of these.

We can also integrate multiple languages in one application so your software can be localized for various countries.

We'll work with you to create a scalable, customized application that fits your needs, then deliver ready-to-use applications together with the authoring software we used so you can update it yourself—or we can maintain it for you as well as provide ongoing technical support.



Multimedia To Go

Kiosks are powerful interactive communications tools that use multimedia technology to dispense information to a specific audience, delivering your message using a combination of video, graphics, audio and text.

Typical applications include airport terminals, bank and hotel lobbies, museums, point-of-purchase displays, retail establishments, supermarkets, shopping malls, trade shows, waiting rooms, zoological parks, and more.

Averra designs and develops kiosk software for use with standard kiosk hardware, optional internet connectivity, interaction with other hardware, and portable computers for trade shows or client presentations.

The interactive kiosk applications we build can provide information in a variety of engaging formats. Besides simply presenting information you can ask questions, conduct surveys, deliver helpful information and directions, collect information from user input, and respond with feedback.

We can develop just the underlying code for kiosk programs, select and install complete kiosk systems, or provide support at any stage of the process.

For turnkey solutions, Averra works with several major kiosk hardware manufacturers and qualified technicians to ensure high quality at the right price within your budget.

For trade shows or presentations, we can also arrange "plug and play" kiosk rentals complete with software pre-installed to your specifications. We'll even handle the complete logistics for you by having the equipment delivered, set up, tested, and then packed up after the show.

In addition to kiosks, we also can incorporate your content with leading edge, attention grabbing technologies such as electroluminescent signage and display materials.

Contact us for details.


Engage and Enlighten

Presentations provide a dynamic way to get your message across, while helping your audience to visualize your concepts.

Averra creates presentations for business meetings, conferences, courtroom exhibits, and trade shows.

We can help develop engaging presentations that will get your message across with high-end graphics, animation, audio, video and interactive techniques that enable you to control the pace of your presentation.

Presentations can be created from scratch, or we can supply customized imagery to compliment your existing presentation.

For example, we can re-purpose existing data and imagery from different sources into a seamless PowerPoint presentation guaranteed to leave a positive, lasting impression on your audience.



Stand Out from the Crowd

Many multimedia projects seem incomplete because packaging is often an afterthought. Specialty packaging is one way to get your production noticed by using innovative designs and materials that go beyond standard "off-the-shelf" approaches. Many people think this is expensive—it doesn't have to be.

While one of our specialties is producing 3D imagery for computer display, we also create innovative printed 3D packaging and displays for trade shows, retail environments, and exhibits using state-of-the-art technologies.

Averra works closely with several commercial printers, die makers, digital service bureaus, and disc duplicators to provide a full spectrum of services for advertising, technical, retail, and consumer mass markets.

  • packaged cross platform multimedia CD-ROMs and DVDs

  • business card size CD-ROMs

  • unique containers for any disc based media

  • three-dimensional lenticular cards and posters

  • silkscreened and/or laser-inscribed media tins

  • custom die-cut designs for packaging and other promotional items

  • pop up 3-Dimensional packaging for CD-ROM boxes, greeting cards, and business informatics

In addition, Averra can help create printed collateral materials such as:

  • post cards announcing your new Website

  • flyers and brochures

  • charts, posters, and murals

  • special announcements and offers

We can handle your entire printing project, from graphic design and proofs, to mailing, or anything in between.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


From Concept to Code

Averra's custom programming services provide complete programs from concept to finished product, or anything in between.

Back-end programming generally refers to the underlying code behind the graphics and "look and feel" content, such as user interfaces used with Websites and software programs.

Averra provides professional back-end programming support for businesses as well as Website and interactive media developers. We specialize in cross-platform software development for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms.

So what does this mean for you?

If you need complete Websites or disc-based software that provide rich interactive content, e-commerce applications, databases, streaming audio and video, web portals, Website and multimedia application templates that you can easily update yourself, and more—then you've come to the right place.

In addition to application planning and creation of unique Websites, our programming capabilities include:

  • C/C++

  • Custom software installers

  • Expert Systems

  • FileMaker, MS-Access, and SQL database development

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and development

  • HTML, DHTML, XML,PHP, PERL, Javascript
  • Mobile applications for iPhone and iPad

  • Adobe ColdFusion and Flash

  • QuickTime and Quicktime VRML

  • Real Time Control Systems

Other Capabilities

  • streaming video for websites

  • conversion of paper-based information into interactive digital formats

  • conversion/translation of CAD data into interactive digital formats

  • graphic design and technical illustration

  • integration and technical support for kiosks and computing devices

  • video editing and processing for integration with interactive multimedia

  • voice talent for multimedia narration
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