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Make your ideas real

Averra Technical offers a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Machining (CAD/CAM) services for businesses and inventors that need engineering design services, virtual and physical prototypes, patent drawings, fabrication drawings, as-built drawings, photorealistic imagery and animation of concepts, product packaging, and documentation.

Averra's goal is to work with you to help save time and money while helping you extend your business capabilities and productivity. All work is guaranteed to conform to your specifications, and to exceed your expectations where possible.

Averra Technical also provides development and support of Web and computer based software applications for engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, inventors, and scientific clients.

To help you get the most value out of your CAD/CAM data, we repurpose CAD geometry for prototyping, production tooling, presentations, or printed media such as books, reports, product instructions and documentation, and advertising.

We can also merge CAD data with other content such as numerical data, photos, and text to create interactive media for delivery on the Web, private computer networks, CD-ROM, DVD, and many kinds of computers.

Our flexibility is your advantage

We can team with your other resources, or be your one-stop shop for all of your CAD/CAM, visualization, and multimedia content production needs.

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You're the conductor—we're the orchestra

We realize our customers are already proficient at formulating their ideas. Our role is helping to breath life into your ideas by providing the talent that can help you mold those ideas into reality.

Averra Technical's experts are seasoned professionals, each with more a decade of multidisciplinary experience in engineering design, drafting, and computer graphics.

If you can sketch your idea on a napkin or describe it with words, we can develop all the 2D and 3D CAD drawings and specifications you need for prototyping, fabrication, and manufacturing to make your ideas real.

3D CAD/CAM is the future of design, and Averra assists businesses in making the transition.

One of our specialties is converting 2D drawings into intelligent 3D CAD formats, which provide much greater flexibility because the 3D data can be used more widely across an organization and its supporting vendors, as well as for virtual prototyping.

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Visualize virtually anything

Three-dimensional (3D) imagery and animations are compelling and engage people's imagination, allowing visualization of events and objects that otherwise may not be seen or understood.

Averra Technical creates high-end 3D modeling, rendering, and animation that will help you achieve stunning photo-realistic visualization and broadcast quality animation.

While CAD software alone is great for creating fabrication drawings and basic 2D and 3D representational views, imagery that provides a higher degree of realism is often required for applications such as investor and public realations, marketing, and advertising.

That's because many CAD systems lack features that precisely control lighting and other environmental attributes to create high quality photo-realistic renderings and animation that are remarkably lifelike.

Averra Technical was founded by people who have substantial expertise in conveying complex concepts, functions, and procedures across a wide variety of business and technical fields.

We use a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to create realistic, dynamic 3D graphics and animation. The 3D content can be created from scratch, or we can integrate your existing two-and-three-dimensional CAD models, raw data, photos, and other material to create visualizations that effectively convey your message.

Because digital 3D imagery is easily re-purposed, the same content can be used in different mediums, such as CD-ROM, DVD, film, print, television broadcast, videotape, or the World Wide Web.

Applications include:

  • advertising
  • business meetings
  • corporate communications
  • courtroom visualization
  • engineering visualization
  • kiosks
  • public relations
  • sales presentations
  • trade show exhibits
  • training and e-learning

Whether you need imagery for print, film, the Web, DVD, posters and murals, or interactive formats for kiosks and other electronic devicesł we provide static and moving images to help visualize virtually anything.

Simulation Makes It Easier

Written procedures can be difficult for people to understand, however they are a routine necessity for many businesses. It's not easy to describe in words something that's done in a non-verbal manner, and it's often beneficial to provide an interactive, visual method of communication.

Averra Technical can build, implement, and maintain simulations in a variety of formats including CD-ROM, DVD, and the Web.

Specific types of simulations we build include:

  • business processes and procedures
  • virtual product simulations for inventors
  • industrial process and equipment simulations
  • interactive virtual product demos
  • simulations for courtroom presentation

We build the initial simulation, then provide the authoring software, training, and technical support so your organization can revise as needed, or we can update and maintain simulations for you

Simplified Visual Communication

Where many 3D computer graphics are concerned with photorealism, and design drawings convey the information required to fabricate things, the goal in technical illustration is to concentrate on a particular object's structure while highlighting and simplifying technical information.

Effective technical illustration clearly conveys information about technical subjects to a non-technical audience.

This requires technical communication skills and technical understanding of the subject matter being communicated, coupled with visualization, graphic design, a sense of aesthetics, and visual art skills.

At Averra, our expertise in technical illustration is built upon a foundation of decades of experience in developing these skills through practicing the arts of engineering design and drafting, technical writing, creative technical visualization, and the aesthetic principles of industrial design.

Technical illustrations may include 3D views (also known as isometric drawings) or simple 2D front/back/side/top/bottom views (also known as orthographic views or plan/elevation views). Also included may be cutaway views and illustrations may be in color or black and white.

Examples of technical illustration Averra provides include:

  • product documentation
  • hardware user manuals
  • “how to” instruction sheets
  • patent drawings
  • courtroom exhibits
  • simplified maps
  • simplified assembly instructions

Technical illustration has traditionally been limited to static presentation, however with the expanding usage of computers to present information in increasingly sophisticated ways, dynamic, interactive applications are now available, such as Macromedia Flash animations.

Averra can also re-purpose CAD drawings, diagrams, charts, and other information into a standard interactive Flash format that anyone with a Web browser can access.

Information When and Where you need it

We create integrated applications that can be used as combination training and reference programs, operating and maintenance (O & M) manuals, and “on-line help”.

This kind of tool provides knowledge as people need it–anywhere, any time.

The benefits are numerous and include:

  • Quick, interactive access to information
  • Access information in multiple formats
  • Link to vendor and other outside resources
  • Document management and control
  • Ease and flexibility of distribution
  • Optional hardcopy or “Print On Demand”
  • Simultaneous information access using different kinds of electronic devices

Electronic Manuals also make great customer support devices, enabling your customers easy access to detailed information about your products while helping reduce your product and technical support costs.

Applications we develop have the capability to launch other applications or documents, so you can access other information or databases that may already exist in a wide variety of digital formats.

You can also mix document formats such as Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, online Web pages, databases, and digital video.

Averra can work with you or your subject matter experts, or put you in touch with qualified subject matter experts.

Your applications can be developed for delivery on virtually any kind of computing device, including PDA's, laptops, and wearable computers.

We can also help you choose the right hardware for your needs and integrate everything for a complete plug and play solution.

Averra Technical will help you get plugged into the information age.

Protect your Ideas

Properly executed patent drawings are important in protecting your ideas when you decide to file a patent and requires the right combination of technical knowledge, graphic arts skills, and understanding of patent office drawing requirements.

To assist you in documenting your innovative ideas, Averra Technical provides a wide range of Patent Drawing services conforming to the requirements of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as the European Patent Office (EPO).

In addition to patent drawings, we provide:

  • Sketches documenting the evolution of your idea
  • Flowcharts
  • Line drawings
  • Performance curves and graphs from numerical data

Averra Technical also can help you with Trademark drawings, such as logo designs. We can also help design the right logo for your new company or your invention.

Averra Technical provides you with the options of publishing your patents on paper and the Web, or archiving and distributing them on CD-ROM and DVD.

Virtual prototyping

After January 1, 2006, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has mandated that all patent applications must be submitted in electronic format. While the USPTO will continue accepting .pdf formats, after 2006 only .xml, word text and .tif graphics files will be accepted.

With product design as well as patent information being conveyed in electronic formats, an essential tool for those licensing future inventions will be virtual prototyping.

Virtual prototyping refers to the design, simulation, and testing of new ideas, concepts, products, schemes, or processes in a synthetic but interactive computer environment. This streamlines the design and development process, and makes it easier to evaluate your ideas before building physical prototypes.

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Engage and Enlighten

Presentations provide a dynamic way to get your message across, while helping your audience to visualize your concepts.

Averra Technical creates presentations for inventors, business meetings, public relations, conferences, courtroom exhibits, and trade shows.

We can help develop engaging presentations that will get your message across with high-end graphics, animation, audio, video and intuitive interactive features that enable you to control the pace of your presentation.

Presentations can be created from scratch, or we can supply customized imagery to compliment your existing presentation.

For example, we can re-purpose existing data and imagery from different sources, such as CAD data, photographs, numerical data and graphs, flow charts, existing marketing literature, and video into a seamless presentation guaranteed to leave a positive, lasting impression on your audience.

For complete turnkey solutions, Averra works with several presentation hardware vendors. We can arrange plug-and-play equipment rentals complete with your presentation pre-installed to your specifications. We'll even handle the complete logistics for you by having the equipment delivered, set up, and tested… then packed up and taken away afterwards.

Other Capabilities

  • Scanning of paper-based drawings and photos and conversion to digital formats

  • conversion of digital video and voice narration into interactive formats

  • conversion/translation of CAD data into interactive digital formats

  • professional graphic design

  • integration of hardware and software with technical support for kiosks and portable computing devices

  • professional video editing and processing for integration with interactive multimedia

  • professional voice talent for multimedia narration